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The text was taken from the 1885 edition. Obvious typos were corrected (it's been a long time since I've seen an upside-down "t" in a book) and as I usually do I changed some hyphenation to conform a little better to modern practice. "Anglicized" spellings have been eliminated.



Canoe Cruising and Camping

by Frazer

An introduction to canoe paddling and cruising under sail.

Alone in the Caribbean
by Fenger

Solo cruise from Grenada, north along the Caribbean islands, 1911, in the rudderless canoe Yakaboo.

The Voyage of the Paper Canoe
by Bishop

Solo cruise, rowing a substantial canoe, from Albany to the west coast of Florida, early 1870s. Also, compare Bishop's sneakbox cruise to Niedé's later canoe cruise over much the same route.

Canoe Sailing Page

General information on canoe sailing, historically to the present day. Includes links and bibliography.

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