The Proa MBULI


John Harris' 20-footer MBULI.
Plans available as of 11/2002.
Plans don't include the expensive and finicky wingmasts, but simple rotating pole masts.

Feb. 11, 2001:

MBULI on the beach. Water temperature 38 degrees. Air? Don't ask. The main hull is a simple flat-bottom shape which two people can carry. The sails are 120 sq. ft. each.

MBULI hits the water.

That's me on the trampoline and Lee, captain of the chase-kayak, pulling the vessel out into deeper water. Those are rotating wingmasts. John and I got in a short sail, had a knockdown. The wingmasts held the boat on its side and we flipped the ama back down with help from the chase boats.

Three more shots:

A brisk reach: 

...still OK
That's the Maryland State House dome way back in the background. John adjusts fore rudder stuff.

Testing the Square Rig
Lee assists, chase yacht takes pictures. I am standing on the hull after inching up the mast from the water... John apparently has fallen off. 
After the day's sail we both agreed that the ama was somewhat too short to give enough buoyancy under sail for two guys sitting way out on the tramp. This was also clear later, in Florida. Main hull got the thumbs-up. Rig was eventually considered impractical (too tall, and far too expensive to build) but worth the experiment...


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