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Wanda, my cat, was about 6 years old when she died on February 8th 1997. I found her under a shrub in Austin, Texas while helping my girlfriend move into an apartment.

It was 102 degrees and there was no water, and a half dozen much larger stray cats all around. I thought she was a grey cat, but she got a bath and turned out to be a real cutie pie.


Snoozing on the
glow-in-the-dark space quilt


Protecting my work table from errant orange hi-liters:


In Boston, we lived on the third floor, but she would look out the window just the same. When she saw another cat, she would get very excited. We lived on a corner, and if the cat went down the sidestreet, Wanda would run to the other side of the house and look out the window there.

She is sitting on her favorite leopard print stool.


Curled up in Maryland.



Cat with a Mission!

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