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Several Useful Knots: Animated

Constrictor Hitch: the knot I use along the bamboos on the Nansen Kayak to fasten the beams to gunwales, etc.

Constrictor Hitch Shortcut: good if you can slide the knot onto the end of a pole or stick.

Three more knots courtesy Conor O'Brien's
excellent little book Sea-Boats, Oars and Sails:

Stunsail (or Topsail) Halyard Bend: they say it makes it possible to get the spar right up close to the sheave as you don't have a glob of rope.

Topsail Sheet Bend: beats me, I don't have a topsail. But it looks cool, and I imagine it's great for grommets, blocks, etc.

Fisherman's Bend: Traditional on Ye Olde Anchor. I just like the drawing. Everyone I know uses a bowline on anchors.

More Knots: from E.F. Knight.


Constrictor Hitch

Here's an animation of a great knot, the Constrictor Hitch. It's easy to tie and it doesn't want to let go. The Double Constrictoris even more tenacious. Take two turns around the item(s) first. As long as the knot is against a smooth surface, the knot will hold. If it's suspended in midair like in a gap between two bamboos, it will eventually loosen, so be careful.

I made the animation to teach myself visually how to tie one flopped over on the left end of a bamboo; I had a hard time visualizing it. "Right" and "Left" refer to the direction of the first turn, toward the right and back, or towards the left and back. It's completely arbitrary but it works for me.




A Shortcut from Bob Fehrenbach:

 Concerning the constrictor knot demo on your web site, here is
 another way to tie one, easily and quickly. The knot is tied
 in 'mid-air' and can then be slid over the end of something.
 I use this regularly for quickly whipping the end of a line.
 First make a loop:
 / \
 / \
 / \
 / \
 ( )
 \ /
 under -> \ / <- over
 ---------- /
 \ ________
Holding each of the standing ends in the fingers of each hand,
stick your left thumb up through the loop from below and
your right thumb down through the loop from above.
Rotate your right hand in the direction you would tighten 
a screw, allowing the lines to cross between thumbs.
Bring the ends of your thumbs together and slide the knot off 
the right thumb and onto the left thumb. Voila!

Stunsail Halyard Bend:

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Topsail Sheet Bend:

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Fisherman's Bend:

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