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Materials & Cheap Boating


THIS IS simply a page for materials and ideas and things I've used. Some are original, I think, and some aren't. For polytarp sail info, click on The Cheap Page, above, and follow your nose.

Howza bout some Cleats?

Howza bout some Knots? Featuring the Constrictor Hitch.

From our UK Correspondent, Nigel Cameron, sources for bamboo spars:

Jacobs, Young & Westbury Ltd.
Bridge Road
Haywards Heath

"They have a price list with bamboo suitable for sizable dinghy spars. I had a list somewhere & have seen their name mentioned in a couple of boating articles. Also

The Woodbridge Boatstore
Lime Kiln Quay
Suffolk IP12 1BD

include bamboo for spars in their extensive trad. boating catalogue, with brief comments on its use."

Howza bout some Friction Blocks?



Jam Cleats, Horn Cleats, Butler Cleats...  

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