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Short Boats

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Scows - remarkable sailboats.

St Michaels Sailing Scow - 12ft

How to Build Cheap Boats: Scow (1876) - 10ft

• Andrew Gibbens' 12ft Scow
Great Photos! Great Scow!

• A Couple More Scows

Scows Sighted: there's a 27ft replica scow sloop, La Tortuga, at the Texas State Maritime Museum in Rockport, TX. One of the few large scows to be seen in the USA. Apparently now drydocked and rotting, though. Another, restored and sailing: Alma is located on San Francisco Bay.

• Bolger 12ft Sailing Peero Plans

• Simon Fishwick's 15ft Minimalist Half-Decked Canoe Plans

• Simple and disposable short boats at emubo.com


• Skiffs

Forest & Stream Skiff (1890) - 8ft - link to free plans.

How to Build Cheap Boats: Skiff (1876) - 10ft

• The Seaside Bateau... 13ft on the keel

• The 9-ft Sharpie (yet anudda skiff)

• The Small Cruiser from Forest & Stream, 1885 - 18ft [link missing]

• A skiff "found behind a barn" in Dorchester County:
  photo from the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.

• Just a nice sharpie photo from about 1868.
  I've discovered at last the archival source for this photo
  and I hope to get more. Not short at all, maybe 35ft long:

"Nettie," the Gov't Survey's Boat, on the Truckee River. My favorite sharpie picture.

• Sneakboxes

Forest & Stream... two, various lengths. Plus the first sketch
  I can locate from F&S, dating to 1874.

Rudder... 12ft, arc shaped hull made from 4-ft radius ribs.

• Glen-L Sneak Box.
(I know the photo shows an outboard, but it's a sailing sneakbox too)

Build a Paper Boat / The Paper Boat Page

Cheap Catamaran (1878)... a sixteen-footer.

• A New Jersey Sailing Garvey... another at 16ft.

• More from Forest & Stream:

The Flying Pontoon from Thos. Clapham;

Deja, a goofy ballasted 12-foot cutter.

• From elsewhere: ten-foot Tahitian outrigger.

• And more! There's no lack of Short Boats...

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